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Name Anonymous 16/02/16(Tue)12:46 No.28920   [Reply]
Why all the other pilots plug suit's has like a little red core at the level of the chest, less Asuka's plug suit?
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>> Name Anonymous 16/02/18(Thu)12:27 No.28929  
Untrue, Reishitter.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/19(Fri)00:35 No.28932  
>Why all the other pilots plug suit's has like a little red core at the level of the chest, less Asuka's plug suit?

Originally only Rei had two orbs oh her chest and they weren't red, they were either metallic or glass, i'm not certain.

For rebuild they redesigned suits and gave everyone those small little cores that supposedly connect them to EVAs or something.
Evangelions also have orbs/cores on their chest, and this likely is supposed to be a connectin, giving a pilot same orbs.
Asuka's design had no room for them.
Adding them to her suit would change her design a lot.

You newfags actually beytter watch the original, because unlike rebuild it's good and also makes sense.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/20(Sat)02:05 No.28936  

Literally every line of this post is wrong.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/20(Sat)06:56 No.28937  

At least he's right about rebuilds.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/20(Sat)10:54 No.28938  

>the orginal is good and makes sense

>this is what evafags actually believe

The only good thing in Eva is Rei.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/21(Sun)00:05 No.28940  
I didn't really use to think so, but Rei is really the only thing left about Evangelion worth valuing.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/21(Sun)05:42 No.28941  
Youre life isnt worth valuing.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/16(Tue)12:46 No.28920 16/02/21(Sun)06:26 No.28943  
I'm not a newfag. In the anime show, Rei's plugsuits core is metallic, also Shinji, Touji and even Kaworu's. But the colour is what doesn't caught my attention (also, is known that for rebuilds the plugsuits were re-designed) What caught my attention is that all the other pilots plugsuits has a kind of "core" in the centre of the chest, less the Asuka's plugsuit. Ah, and is kinda known, but the black strips in girl's plugsuits at thighs level and, in the case of boys the black spots, also at thighs level, are to make defibrillation in case the pilots need it.
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/21(Sun)22:35 No.28948  

>defibrillation means electrocuting their thighs

You are a fucking retard.
>> Name Anonymous 16/05/04(Wed)13:44 No.29231  
Asuka's new suit has one, but it's blue instead of red.

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Name Anonymous 16/02/11(Thu)13:27 No.28873   [Reply]

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Name Anonymous 16/02/27(Sat)12:55 No.28958   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/28(Sun)05:33 No.28961  
Is this the brainwashed lovedoll Asuka?
>> Name Anonymous 16/02/28(Sun)12:23 No.28963  
It's Asuka from Viper.

The resemblance is most likely intentional.

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Name Anonymous 16/04/13(Wed)09:55 No.29095   [Reply]

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Name Anonymous 16/04/16(Sat)22:20 No.29111   [Reply]

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Name Anonymous 16/03/19(Sat)22:48 No.29025   [Reply]
>> VF9ap9vy Name Jacklynn 16/05/03(Tue)20:51 No.29219  
Janet, your book The Davina Code sounds gorgeous! Well done you for taking control of your puhlbsiing I’d love to read your book, and if I’m not in the first 5, I’ll just have to get a copy anyway. Happy New Year! Ella

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Name Anonymous 16/02/11(Thu)02:08 No.28862   [Reply]

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Name Anonymous 16/04/21(Thu)10:15 No.29136   [Reply]

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Name Anonymous 16/04/14(Thu)03:01 No.29101   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/14(Thu)08:29 No.29103  
Thinking of jokes about Pedophile Career Day at school
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/14(Thu)19:37 No.29104  
And this is the pit where Ill take your individuality and destroy your soul. And over there is the NERV gift shop
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/18(Mon)13:29 No.29123  
Rei is so small...Isnt gendo 6'0? I can believe she has such nice T&A.

I feel like such a pedo jerking off with Rei and Asuka...
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/18(Mon)17:57 No.29124  

Rei is around 4'10", only Kensuke is shorter.
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/19(Tue)12:29 No.29125  

According to the height chart for Rebuild, she's 156cm and slightly taller than Hikari
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/19(Tue)20:28 No.29127  


Eva Chronicle > Rebuild
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/20(Wed)14:12 No.29129  


I had read before was Rei was 4'11 while Asuka was 5'01
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/21(Thu)08:02 No.29133  
Awww, obviously this was NERV's 'Take Your Surrogate Daughter/Artificial Human To Work Day'. Just before the face painting, balloon sculpture clowns and death cult ceremony.

Good times
>> Name Anonymous 16/04/21(Thu)13:52 No.29138  
It sure is.

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Name Anonymous 16/03/06(Sun)05:34 No.28978   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/06(Sun)06:49 No.28979  
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/06(Sun)08:17 No.28980  
This is actually from a movie. Cannot remember the name though.
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/06(Sun)22:26 No.28982  
file was called Ash Best Quality 3d, if that helps
>> Name Anonymous 16/03/06(Sun)22:51 No.28983  

Bot sure how trustworthy this site is, but this is a torrent for it
>> 0xrHMRr4 Name Nikki 16/05/03(Tue)20:34 No.29213  
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